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ALZE Global Asset Management Group is dedicated to the management of unique real estate assets, such as resorts, golf courses, buildings, etc., providing services for the redefinition of complex projects in the construction phase, cost adjustment, completion and marketing. Its structure allows it to cover the entire value chain of projects, from definition to sale, and it currently collaborates with banks and investment funds to provide support in unique projects with associated difficulties.


The ALZE Group maintains an excellent relationship with banks and has collaborated with them both in terms of financing and in terms of partnership in the implementation of its projects. As a result of this close relationship and the needs expressed by the banks, ALZE Group created in 2009 a business line to support them in the management of foreclosed real estate assets. To date, it has managed banking assets of financial institutions and funds valued at more than 600 million euros.

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Some projects

Integral management of Hacienda del Alamo, one of the largest resorts in Murcia. This project consisted of the development, management and marketing of more than 1,500 homes and a golf course. The client was firstly a bank and later SAREB.

Management of a real estate development in the city of Figueres for the construction of a medical center and 120 high-end housing units. Client: Banking entity.

Advice on real estate management and golf course in a resort in Huelva with the capacity to build 1,800 homes. Client: Banking entity.

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