Golf specialists

ALZE Golf is the department specialized in the design, construction and operation of golf resorts. The company focuses on quality and excellence in the creation of five-star resorts, working with renowned professionals such as Dave Thomas, Jorge Soler, Ramón Espinosa and José María Olazábal.


Some projects

TorreMirona Golf Club

A paradise in the heart of the Empordà. Surrounded by fields and forests, and with an 18-hole course (par 72) designed by Eugenio Aguado and Jordi Soler, the championship course of Torremirona is complemented by a wide range of sporting activities.

Lorca Golf Club

Just 10 minutes from the beaches of Águilas and the monumental city of Lorca is Lorca Golf Course, a challenging 18-hole golf course designed by Dave Thomas that adapts to the natural terrain.

Club Golf d'Aro

The golf course was designed in 1990 by the prestigious architect Ramón Espinosa. In 1992 it received the award as the best golf course in Europe. It is currently considered one of the best courses on the Costa Brava.


Our vision

ALZE Golf also develops exclusive hotels and spas within the resorts to offer clients all the necessary amenities and services. The company has two hotels, Hotel Relais Torremirona and Villa Birdie Torremirona, a residential complex of Garden-Suites with large terraces and private gardens, and Fitness&Spa Torremirona. In addition, ALZE Golf built a soccer training center for professional teams at Torremirona Golf Resort. The company’s upcoming projects include the Hotel Golf d’Aro, the Hotel Lorca Resort and the Lorca Fitness&Spa.

In line with its philosophy of offering products and services that help people enjoy quality of life, ALZE Golf has developed other lines of business, such as resort services, where the company provides clients with the necessary services, including security, decoration, after-sales services, gardening, pool maintenance, repairs, property management, etc.

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